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Welcome to Elizade Nigeria Limited
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ETAP Overview

E- TAP, which fully means Elizade Toyota Acquisition Plan, is a Toyota vehicle acquisition scheme, which we have designed to accommodate more owners of Toyota vehicles. With 20 - 30% deposit you can buy any brand new Toyota vehicle and spread the balance over a maximum of 48 months with a free service maintenance on the vehicle for the first year or after 10,000km.

E-TAP is accessible through any of our regional offices nationwide as well as our four partner banks in over 300 locations in the federation; they include Ecobank, Intercontinental bank, UBA and Wema bank.

The flexibility in the range of 20-30% deposit was designed to create convenience for you, depending on your cash flow, towards the purchase of the vehicle. However, the repayment pattern is based on the cost of the vehicle, the down payment and the length of the finance term agreed.

A lot of things have been put in place to ensure the acquisition process is handled swiftly, conveniently and with the required expertise.

For individuals, the following are required for transaction to commence.
  • Most recent 3-6 months pay slips
  • Most recent 3 months bank statement
  • 2 forms of identification e.g International passport, valid driver license.
  • Guarantors letter from your employer and any other guarantor like individual or corporate bodies.
  • For individuals with no employer’s guarantor, two guarantors must guarantee the loan, one of which must be a corporate body.

For Corporate bodies, you would require

  • Company’s profile.
  • Company’s financial report in the last 3 years
  • A copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and articles of Association
  • Most recent six months company’s bank statement.
  • A copy of C07 showing the company’s board of directors.

With E-TAP, there’s really nothing to loose, you’ll be amazed at the benefits the scheme has got to offer you;

  • There’s free maintenance on the vehicle for the first one-year or 15,000km, whichever comes first. However repairs that do not arise from normal driving like rough handling and accidents are totally excluded.
  • A trade-in option is available, even before the end of the repayment period.
  • We provide towing services from any area within Lagos to our service workshop at discount rate of 20% from our regular rate.

Sales ’s Contact:

  • sales@elizade.net - 07098820549 


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